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Welcome to AMERICAN SYSTEMS’ Employee Referral Program – ReferralConnect. By referring your contacts, you can earn points towards great prizes and rewards!

To take part, simply go to the ReferralConnect homepage to check out available jobs. From there, you can share jobs with your network, send jobs via email or text, or refer a particular person to a specific job.

Any action you take, earns you points! You will be earning points at each step of your referral’s progress through the recruiting process. Points marked with an asterisk * can collectively earn a maximum of 100 points in a 7-day period in the Top Scorer category

Any questions? Contact us at ReferralConnect@AmericanSystems.com

Activity Points
You activated your account* 15
You made a general referral to the company* 5
You made a direct referral to a job* 6
Your referral clicks apply on a job through your trackable link* 3
Status update: Your referral is Contacted 10
Status update: Your referral is Under Assessment 25
Status update: Your referral is hired 75
Status update: Your referral is archived (no longer being considered/not selected) 0

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